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Our manifesto launch


We have put our very best ideas forward in our manifesto and we will be presenting it to politicians, business and school leaders – education is all of our business. We will keep you up to date.

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  1. We have a government determined to destroy the whole ethos of education as it has been understood and practised for over a century. They demand that teachers do as they’re told, and make this vandalism work. Thousands of teachers are leaving the “job” (their professional skills and knowledge no longer counts for anything) early – very often after suffering mental and physical problems. Stress from the vastly increased and unreasonable workload is often to blame – but consider the stress from seeing our schools become tick-box exam-factories, with no time or resources for nurturing or supporting those children who don’t fit the model. Add the contemptuous pay-cap policy to the contemptuous dismissal of teachers’ professional views, and the cynical out-sourcing of educational delivery to big business. It is amazing that there are any proper teachers still working. Unless a huge government rethink occurs, all conscientious teachers will be driven out, to be replaced by drones enforcing what is economically and politically required. The most worrying aspect of this is that it seems to be a deliberate policy of a government which has no understanding of the social effects which will emerge in the shape of the millions of alienated and exploited students spat out of the system.

  2. Our schools are at crisis point and our children’s mental health is suffering. I wold like to,offer my support. I am also part of the campaign group Mothers at Home Matter and we are well known to’politicians and the media. I speak to the media on behalf of the group.

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