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Education Forward conference in Leeds this Saturday 14th October

Education Forward: Moving Schools into the Future by [Price, David, Claxton, Guy , Stevenson, Mark , Hannon, Valerie , Waters, Mick , Roberts, Hywel, Kidd, Debra , Morrison McGill, Ross, Barwell, Claudia , Robinson, Liz, Madeleine Holt, John Rees, Henry Stewart, Jim Knight, Neil Roskilly, David Jackson]

Rescue Our Schools co-founder Madeleine Holt will be speaking at the Education Forward conference in Leeds this Saturday. Her topic will be More than a Score – the alliance which RoS helped set up last year to put forward alternatives to SATS, the phonics check and the proposed “baseline” test on four year olds. Also speaking are leading lights in the movement for a total rethink of education, among them Guy Claxton and Valerie Hannon. We will be handing out our RoS manifesto at the event. A grassroots movement is building to ensure our children have the skills they need for the 21st century. A book is being published to coincide with the conference. You can buy it here:

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