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Did you know the government are trying to reintroduce testing for 4 year olds?


Rescue Our Schools was proud to speak at the launch of More than a Score’s Baseline dossier – an indictment of the government’s plans to test all four-year-olds in maths and literacy. Tracy Brabin, shadow early years minister, hosted the event at Westminster.

Joining Tracy on the panel were Mary Bousted, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union, Nancy Stewart, Vice Chair of TACTYC early years organisation, Elaine Bennett, Co-Founder of Keep Early Years Unique, and our own Madeleine Holt, co-founder of Rescue Our Schools.

Madeleine introduced her ten minute film on baseline testing – a failed policy from both 1997 and 2015. If the government gets its way, four-year-olds will face a 20 minute test within their first six weeks of school. The unreliable results will be used to predict how children will do in SATS in Year 6. England will become the first country in the world to put such young children through a high stakes test. Trials could start later this year.

Please support More than a Score’s campaign to stop baseline testing.

Please share the film and sign up to More than a Score.

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