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Testing our four year olds ???!!!

An expert report says government plans to test four-year-olds in maths and literacy are “flawed, unjustified, and wholly unfit for purpose. They would be detrimental to children, parents, teachers, and the wider education system in England.”
The report, by the British Educational Research Association (BERA) demolishes the case for so-called baseline assessment, which the government is due to start trialling in September. The scheme is due to cost £10 million to roll out.
The report demonstrates that testing four and five year olds as they start school cannot possibly produce valid and reliable results. The test is intended by the Government to produce a score by which children can be measured, and schools held accountable. BERA has shown that the test cannot in fact do what it is intended to do: it is useless, grossly expensive and clearly not fit for purpose. If it goes ahead, England will become the first country in the world to subject children to standardised testing at such a young age.

Rescue Our Schools believes that baseline testing will create stress for children entering school for the first time. It will encourage nursery and early years teachers to teach to the test, and spread to early years classes the testing culture which has done so much harm to primary and secondary schools. We support the campaign by More than a Score to challenge this cruel test.
If you a parent willing to speak to a reputable newspaper about baseline testing, please get in touch with us asap today at

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