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Have you, or your child, just done GCSEs?

Dear Rescue Our Schools supporters, we are anticipating some media interest this Thursday – when GCSE results come out – in talking to parents, teachers and students (either openly or anonymously). If you are interested in doing an interview about your experience of them, please email us at Thank you!

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  1. Children are being assessed in schools from the minute they enter nursery. Ofsted are judging how schools are performing based on data and assessments. I am sure most teachers don’t agree with this but they are under preassure to record progress and are using assessments to do so. The pressure from above is ultimately falling on children from the age of 3 until they leave school!!! No wonder our children are so stressed. Ultimately we are pushing them so we can measure teachers’ performances. Children should be carefree, stop assessing them unnecessarily. Let them have a happy, fulfilling learning journey. Academic achievement does not defineed success.

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