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Are you interested in news which digs beneath the surface of goings-on in and around education policy in England?

Education Uncovered is a website, now just over a year old, which aims to do just that.

Set up, edited and largely written by me, Warwick Mansell, an experienced education journalist, it aims to scrutinise decision-making power at all levels of control over our schools.

I founded it because of the large number of tip-offs that were coming my way about issues that I felt needed public scrutiny, especially around developments in the government’s favoured academies sector, but which were not always finding a home in the national media.

I wanted to explore and feature as many as I could of the campaigns arising out of communities wanting a greater say in decisions about their schools, seeking to analyse each one’s significance to national policymaking, and to do my bit to bring about a greater sense of decision-makers having to account for those choices.

The site’s investigative strands have featured not just the academies and free schools policies, including sometimes sky-high leadership pay, but the detail of Ofsted’s operations, ministers and their often questionable relationship with reality, and bad education policy in general.

Education Uncovered is a subscription-only site, offered at a basic rate of £6.25 for three months (£25 a year), which works out at just 7p per day. For £12.50 for three months (£50 a year), you offer more support for the site and also get weekly emails from me. By backing it, you will be supporting independent, challenging journalism that I hope is making a unique contribution to the education news landscape.

As someone said recently after reading one of the site’s exclusives: “I am so happy: I had to read the piece three times, I was so glad to have seen it appeared.” Another said: “I cannot thank you enough for your interest and coverage.”

Go to to take a look.

PS: The site is also having a first-birthday conference in central London on the afternoon of Friday, December 14th, open to subscribers only. It is shaping up to being an interesting event. If you subscribe, I will send details.

Rescue Our Schools kindly agreed to let me write this message on this page, to promote the website and conference.

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