Rescue Our Schools

RoS spoke about the importance of creative learning at ArtConnects event Sat 24th February

Rescue Our Schools spoke on behalf of the More than a Score alliance at a super creative event in Camden in North London, #ArtConnects. Organised by the social enterprise, SteamCo, a gamut of creative thinkers and activists talked about how we can make education more creative.

Among the speakers were dance artist Sir Kenneth Tharp, writer Phil Beadle and Geoff Barton, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders.

Rescue Our Schools co-founder, Madeleine Holt, talked about why deep and creative thinking was becoming more important than exam results as a way of preparing children for the challenges of the 21st century, despite the government rhetoric about high scores meaning high standards.

One of the most fascinating talks was from Dr Peter Lovatt, the academic who is discovering how dance improves cognitive ability. To all those who push the Ebacc – and push out the arts – take note.

Your comments needed on young people’s mental health provision

If you do anything this weekend, please spend a few minutes reading our statement on the govenment’s green paper: Transforming children and young people’s mental health provision. Let us know what you think by Monday 26th February. We can collect your ideas and comments and present them to the government in our response. We think this issue is crucial in helping our young people deal with the enormous pressure they are facing in education and life today.

What do you think about young people’s mental health ?

We are calling on you to let us know what you think about how the government propose action on improving mental health provision for young people. Read more about it here.

We have a deadline to respond to this, so please get your comments in by Monday 26th February.

Ofsted’s report: Bold Beginnings

Ofsted Bold Beginnings

RoS’ Emma Bishton is asking for your thoughts on the Ofsted report, Bold Beginnings.

Bold Beginnings was intended to inform what happens in schools, what happens in inspections, and future government education policy about early years. The report, based on a survey of a tiny minority of primary schools, makes recommendations for four groups of people about reception teaching. Please read our full statement here.

We would like to hear what you think by 16th February so we can publish them in our response to this report.


RoS attends the debate to launch Testing the Water


Pearson uk’s president, Rod Bristow, agrees with NEU joint General Secretary, Mary Bousted, that high stakes testing has harming our education. Rescue Our Schools was at the debate to launch Testing the Water, a report by education thinktank LKM Co on alternatives to high stakes testing. They suggest dropping the EBacc measure, which squeezes outs the arts, no longer linking student test results with teacher pay, and introducing national sampling as an alternative to high stakes tests.