The crisis in school funding and the bold Labour promise to abolish tuition fees put education at the heart of June’s election battle and the mainstream political agenda.

93% of us send our children to state schools. As parents and citizens we care passionately about every aspect of state education, and the resources that go into it.

In this wide-ranging discussion on what education should look like in the 21st century, we bring together the head of our own successful local community school, an award-winning campaigner and the author of Labour’s popular election manifesto to discuss what’s going right, what’s going wrong and how we can bring about meaningful, sustainable change.

Judith Enright, head teacher of Queens Park Community School

Jonny Crawshaw, Rescue Our Schools

Andrew Fisher, chief policy advisor to the leader of the Labour Party

Chaired by Melissa Benn, writer and campaigner

24.10.16 Multi-academy trusts – Education Select Committee

Multi-academy trusts (MATs) are groups of academies that have come together to form a charitable company, with a single group of ‘members’ (who have an overview of the governance arrangements) and a single board of trustees or director.

We want to hear directly from parents or guardians of children who are at MATs.

We will be asking you about:

  • the characteristics of high performing MATs
  • how the performance of MATs should be assessed
  • the balance of decision-making at different levels
  • the appropriateness of formal governance structures


June 11 2016, London SW4 -School Revision: Trans Inclusion in Education

School Revision: Trans Inclusion in Education is a day-long event that will start to imagine what school life for young, trans people could look like in the future.

Join a choir to sing out against privatisation of schools

NUT Members have written a song “These Schools are Our Schools”. They say:


We want to record this song for teachers, parents, governors and heads

everywhere who oppose the privatisation of out schools. Please join us

in our choir!  You don’t need to be an experienced singer, Gitika

Partington, who is going to teach us the song and then direct us

during the recording.  We will record the choir for use on social



Come along straight after school Thursday 28th April to Hamilton

House and then Sunday morning 8th May to record the song.

Refreshments will be provided.

This is an NUT initiative but we welcome all teachers, school staff,

parents and those who want to add their voices in opposition to school

academisation and privatisation. Bring friends and colleagues from

your school community.

When you think about it a choir is a lot like a trade union.  Together

we are strong and our voices combined are more powerful than when we

are alone.

Time is short. We must act now!

Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London WC1H 9BD, map here

Sign up sheet here

Big Turnout for Saturday’s March

In London on Saturday, parents and children marched together to show solidarity against forced academisation of schools, ditching elected parent governors and funding cuts in deprived areas.

One of the organisers, Madeleine, spoke in Trafalgar Square. She said: “After the recent announcements on education, enough is enough. Rescue Our Schools is not party political, it is parent political. It is time for parents to get organised in cities, towns and villages throughout England and speak out with one voice.”