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ROS’ Jonny Crawshaw at Green Party Conference



Jonny will be chairing a fringe event on school funding at The Green Party conference in Harrogate on Sunday 8th oct at 6pm. Panel includes Kevin Courtney, a rep from FFFAS & Green Party education spokesperson, Vix Lowthion.

Just handed our manifesto to Angela Rayner

Thanks for taking a copy of our manifesto Angela, we hope you like it and will pledge your support. We would love to meet with you – we have loads of ideas !

World Transformed Festival, Brighton

Madeleine Holt- Rescue Our Schools co-founder spoke to a packed room at this festival today, alongside Melissa Benn and Christine Blower about the National Education Service. A four day festival of politics, art, music and culture across nine different venues in the heart of the city.

The World Transformed organises political events. But they don’t look like any you’ve seen before. We mix big names with the most inspiring grassroots voices. We tackle topics others overlook.

Madeleine then moved onto the National Women’s Conference, which brings together hundreds of Labour women, politicians, stakeholders and activists from across the country.

We hope that whoever picked up our manifesto today will pledge their support and we promise to deliver it to the people we think need to see it.

Our manifesto launch


We have put our very best ideas forward in our manifesto and we will be presenting it to politicians, business and school leaders – education is all of our business. We will keep you up to date.