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more than a score

More than a Score is an alliance of parents, teachers and experts to campaign for alternatives to high stakes testing. Rescue Our Schools is a founding member. MTAS is demanding that the government abandons its plans for “baseline” testing of four-year-olds in literacy and numeracy in their first six weeks of school. Its More than a Score campaign is also arguing for SATS, the phonics check and the new multiplication check to be abandoned and instead to consider teacher-led assessment, moderation and national sampling – all methods used by other countries. More broadly, the campaign is highlighting the effects of the exam factory on the mental health and well-being of children and young people of all ages.

There are now 20 organisations in MTAS, from the National Education Union to the three main national parent groups – RoS, Save Our Schools and Let Our Kids be Kids. MTAS also includes experts in child mental health, among them the Association of Educational Psychologists (AEP) and the Association of Child Psychotherapists.

Comprehensive Future logoComprehensive Future campaigns for a national system of comprehensive schools, publicly accountable to parents and their local community. Rescue Our Schools joined CF in January 2018. We too see academic selection as unfair, outdated, socially divisive and damaging to the self-esteem of too many children. We strongly object to any plans to allow current grammar schools to expand.

In 2017 Rescue Our School’s co-founder, Madeleine Holt, wrote a chapter on More than a Score for Education Forward, which outlines a new vision for an education system fit for the 21st century. Out of that has grown an Education Forward movement. Check out the manifesto at educationforward.co.uk.

Fair Funding for All Schools/Save Our Schools

Rescue Our Schools believes in cooperation – not competition – in all things. We work closely with Fair Funding for All Schools and Save Our Schools on the on-going campaign against government funding cuts. We spoke at the Westminster rally against cuts organised by FFFAS in July 2017. RoS also backed the Arms Around Our School initiative in October 2017 organised by Save Our Schools.

Reclaiming EducationRescue Our Schools joined Reclaiming Education in January 2018. We have in common a commitment to a comprehensive, state-funded, democratically-accountable education system and a clear realisation that this is under threat. Reclaiming Education was set up in 2010 to challenge Michael Gove’s education initiatives.