Rescue Our Schools

Madeleine wins award for education campaigning

We are thrilled that Rescue Our Schools’ co-founder, Madeleine Holt, has won the 2019 Fred and Anne Jarvis Award for education campaigning, given by the National Education Union. Madeleine helped set up RoS three years ago and was… Read More

What’s wrong with Being NEET? (Not in Education, Employment or Training)

Not for the long term, but for the short term it’s something that should be tolerated and even encouraged for young people still finding their way, after, (or even before), school finishes at 18. Just over a month… Read More

Winners and losers: Off-rolled for the sake of Progress 8?

So, recently I became a tutor. I am probably one of very few who are doing this for free. I’ve never wanted to be a tutor, but I have been put in a position where I feel I… Read More

Has your school seen cuts to the Arts?

A mainstream current affairs programme is keen to hear stories of how a reduction in arts in schools has damaged children’s educational experience. If you have experienced this, please email us your story and we will pass it… Read More

Celebrating education – an event coming up

We invite you to an event to celebrate the wonderful variety of pedagogies. Organised by the National Education Union and kindly hosted by the Institiute of Education, University College London, this one day event will include speakers and… Read More

Halfon calls for the scrapping of GCSEs. Parents, is it time we push for bold yet beneficial reform?

For many years now I have been telling my long-suffering partner that if I was the Head of Education for the world – or at least England – I would scrap GCSEs. My reasoning has always been the… Read More

Calling all parents who have been asked for voluntary donations

The Independent newspaper is keen to speak to parents who have been asked to plug the funding gap  for school essentials through voluntary donations. Please email us at  as soon  as possible this afternoon if you would… Read More

Parents, Should our New Year Resolution be Revolution?

This may sound uncharacteristically heartless, but I was so pleased, though the context is horrific, to read Brian Walton in the TES expressing the prevalence of fear in his working life these days. It’s horrifying to learn it… Read More

Are you interested in news which digs beneath the surface of goings-on in and around education policy in England?

Education Uncovered is a website, now just over a year old, which aims to do just that. Set up, edited and largely written by me, Warwick Mansell, an experienced education journalist, it aims to scrutinise decision-making power at… Read More

What makes a good teacher?

How devastating it was to read the comments written by followers of Rescue Our Schools on an article about age being no barrier to good teaching. Teachers in their fifties vulnerable to redundancy, teachers in their fifties working… Read More

Misers at the top: Are we satisfied that our schools can now pay for those ‘little extras’?

You know the closing scene of the 1970 film, Scrooge, where the people of London are kicking their legs out in front, behind and to the side, as they follow the reformed Ebenezar? Their thumbs looped around their… Read More

We are on LBC again this morning talking about school uniforms

Madeleine Holt talks to Nick Ferrari this morning about school uniforms after this article in The Mirror sparks debate.  Read the article here What do you think? Does your school’s choice of uniform have any bearing on your… Read More