Rescue Our Schools

Heads need to come together to end SATs

Rescue Our Schools recently received an anonymous message from a parent whose son was about to sit SATS. His grandparent had sadly passed away during SATs week. The family told the school. What did the school say in… Read More

Want to be part of a SATs sit in?

More than a Score is planning a SATS SIT IN on December 5th. Anyone fancy running an event, or know of a good area with lots of keen parents? More than a Score is planning a SATs Sit-in… Read More

Exam stress…it’s just too much

Something went very wrong this summer in our education system. Thousands of teenagers were subjected to extreme levels of stress as they were subjected to the new, and much harder GCSEs. Meanwhile, more than a third of eleven-year-olds… Read More

Not secondary school ready? How does this prepare our year 7 children??!

This year’s SATs results show that more than a third of eleven-year-olds ‘failed’ the tests: they will be told by next week that they are ‘not secondary school ready’. In what sense are we raising standards, as the… Read More

SATs: Stop the Damage

We’re hearing from more and more parents who want to take their children out of SATs – but they have been told by headteachers they can’t. This is simply not true. The most extreme case – featured in… Read More

The parent who is saying NO to every single SAT test around

Urgent call out to parents re SATs

The More Than A Score campaign is on the lookout for parents who are willing to share their stories and experiences about SATs. We’d urgently like to hear from parents – particularly if you live in Hull, the… Read More

Are you thinking of taking your children out of SATs?

We are working with our partner More Than a Score to support you along the way with resources, ideas and opportunities to meet others in the same boat. Let us know what you think by filling in this… Read More

Parents needed to speak out against SATs

ROS is getting more and more media requests for parents willing to speak out against SATS. If you have something to say, please get in touch with us via email.