Who We Are

Madeleine Holt is an education campaigner and film-maker. She co-founded Rescue Our Schools and set up the More than a Score alliance against SATS. Madeleine is also a founding member of the Slow Education movement. She has recently contributed to Education Forward, a collection of essays arguing for a total rethink of the English education system to equip children with the skills they need for the 21st century. She also runs Meet the Parents, a social enterprise which encourages families to support their local comprehensive.  Madeleine was previously culture corespondent on Newsnight during a twenty year career at the BBC.

Anne Clarke is a primary and secondary governor in NW London.

Emma Bishton lives in Suffolk where her two children are currently at a local secondary school. She works in public health and as a musician. Emma has been a school governor, and from 2010-12 coordinated a campaign opposing a local Free school. This campaign was a success and sparked her interest in education issues.

Christine Clifford is a retired educator but very active community volunteer and campaigner. After a career in education ending with several years at the National College of School Leadership during the time of Every Child Matters, Sure Start, and the London Challenge she is horrified to see this destroyed by cuts and ideology. She believes in good state education for all and lifelong learning and that we must fight cuts and the big lie that is austerity, for the sake of present and future generations.

Issi Nash is our in-house project manager. She has three teenage children. After attending a meeting called by her headteacher about the impending cuts, she was shocked by how few parents were present and is now committed to promoting our education campaign.

Charlotte Wolf is a teacher who worked in an inner-city London school for 12 years. She was involved in schemes to increase literacy and support vulnerable students, such as the MITA project (Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants). She has recently completed a masters degree in Comparative Education, focusing on the impact of neoliberal policies on the inclusion of asylum seekers in the English education system. She is currently starting a storytelling initiative to provide a platform for the voiceless. Charlotte has two boys at primary school and is concerned at the impact of recent reforms on their education.

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