Rescue Our Schools

Rescue our Schools was set up by parents in May 2016. We mobilised in order to speak out against the Conservative government’s proposals for schools, which were set out in a government White Paper published in spring 2016. But our concerns go beyond a few bad policy announcements. For many years, politicians have been meddling in details instead of looking at the bigger picture and ensuring our education system is fit for purpose in the 21st century.

As parents, we see the adverse impact of changes to our state education system on teachers, school leaders, communities and above all on our children. We believe it is time to stand up for an education system that is rooted in community, where teachers are trusted as professionals, and where every child can flourish. We work with other campaign groups and organisations to promote the changes we want to see. And we invite anyone who cares about education to support our campaign. We have developed a manifesto for change.

Here’s our six point plan for a 21st century education system:

• Invest in all our futures

• Provide inclusive education for all

• Promote education over exam factories

• Develop creativity in all its forms

• Let expert evidence inform policy

• Ensure local accountability for all schools

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