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Rescue Our Schools is a grassroots campaign to rescue students, staff and parents from a broken education system.
Our young people are endlessly tested, mental health issues are rocketing, the attainment gap is widening, a third of students fail GCSE maths and English every year, and very few acquire the powerful knowledge, skills and understanding we need to change the world for the better.
Yet now more than ever, as the economy becomes more unpredictable, every young person deserves a broad, engaging education which sets them up for whatever the future holds.
For all the talk from politicians about raising standards, they’re actually falling. Education in the UK is just not ambitious enough. Which is why thousands of parents and teachers have joined our campaign. It’s time for us to come together, alongside students, and demand change. Sign up for our newsletter HERE!

Here’s the the latest in our collection of RoS voices, presented by one of our youngest activists, speaking up for the students who’ve missed out on so much learning because of Covid.


Put young people’s mental health at the heart of education at every stage.

Ditch the endless high-stakes testing and develop a more sophisticated assessment system which does more than just measure knowledge recall. Stop baseline testing of four-year-olds, SATs and GCSEs and develop a deeper record of achievement at 18.

A broad, creative, climate-aware, properly-funded curriculum which allows all young people to flourish – whatever their personal story – and celebrates their differences. When students feel their learning matters, good behaviour and achievement follow. If schools worked for all students, why would we need selective schools?

Independent oversight of academy schools and all school admissions, ensuring schools are accountable to their communities and taxpayers and fully inclusive.

 Reform Ofsted so it supports schools to improve instead of punishing them – and banish league tables.

Invest in lifelong learning to reengage students cast aside by the pandemic, and to give everyone the chance to learn new skills throughout their lives.


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