Rescue Our Schools

Rescue our Schools believes in an education system which genuinely prepares students for the challenges of the future. Exam factories don’t cut it. They are from another age. Our current system is just not ambitious enough. It creates compliant kids with limited opportunities.

In our post-Covid world, we need to equip young people with social intelligence: being able to get on with other people to solve the problems that lie ahead. Our incredibly narrow curriculum constricts students from getting those skills and fails to see the potential in every child. Our punitive way of judging schools on academic results drives this. Our young people are consequently the most tested in the world. We want to inform people about the limitations of our system and propose and argue for something better.

So many countries are heading in this direction already, actively developing broader education systems which give students both the knowledge and skills to change the world for the better. Our children are being left behind. Now is the time to galvanise parents, teachers and students. We must fight for a deeper, kinder, more human education system which sees the uniqueness and promise in every child.

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