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What we each do as individuals to challenge the current education system and bring about change?

Here’s a start:

  • Get informed about alternatives. Check out our alternatives pages at:
  • If you like what you have read, demand it. One of the single most powerful things we can each do is write to our MP and ask for change. We know that MPs take their mailbag very seriously, so get scribbling. Feel free to customise your letter. This is just a guide, written from the point of view of a local parent. You can find out who your MP is here:

Download our template letters, guides and campaign materials below and access our archive of online resources here.


Want to work with other concerned parents and community members, but don’t know where to start? Our handy kit gives guidance and tools to help you get going. Here you will find a selection of letters and printed materials available to download:


Michael Rosen – 10 Points for you to use or discuss for a meeting on education

Parent Education Hub – Visiting your MP

Template Letters

Remember to include your full name, address and post code.

You can check who your MP is find out their contact e mail via this link.

Letter to your conservative MP –  DOWNLOAD

Letter to your non conservative MP –  DOWNLOAD

Cuts letter to opposition MP – DOWNLOAD

Cuts letter to conservative MP – DOWNLOAD

Letter to your conservative Councillor –  DOWNLOAD

Letter to your non conservative Councillor –  DOWNLOAD

Letter to your Headteacher –  DOWNLOAD

Freedom of Information Requests

Freedom of Information Requests to public authorities may help you find out information as part of your campaigning activities. is a great tool to use to do this.

Sign Up Sheets

ROS Sign up sheet – DOWNLOAD

Contacting the Press

The ROS Media Guide

Proforma Press Release for anti cuts protest in the park

Posters & Leaflets

ROS Campaign Leaflet – DOWNLOAD

ROS Campaign poster – DOWNLOAD

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