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We believe every young person deserves a creative, caring, well-funded and locally-accountable education which sets them up for the future. If you agree with us and would like to help out here’s a start:


1- Write to your MP

 MPs take seriously letters from their constituents. If you feel strongly about any of our aims, please write to your MP. It’s best if you craft your own letter, but this sample letter might give you some ideas. You can find out who your MP is here.




2- Join our Facebook Community and sign up for our newsletter

It’s a great way to find out more about what is happening in state education. Can you recruit 3 friends to join too?

Join our Facebook Community here

Register for our newsletter 


3- Share your story

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook where we will be posting regular call outs for your stories that we can share with others.

Please do share our posts and tweets as widely as possible!


4- Donate

The more resources we have, the more effectively we can challenge the system and present alternatives.

We founded Rescue Our Schools in 2016 and, give or take the odd donation, we’ve been running it on a voluntary basis ever since.In that time we’ve built more and more supporters. Our facebook page regularly reaches 25,000 supporters and has become a go-to site to get informed on education.

We know we could make a step-change in our impact with proper funding. We would use the extra resources to boost posts, make more films and speak at more events. We could get many more people signing up to our campaign and demanding change.

Please help us to help the students, teachers and parents who deserve a truly great education. It’s time!



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